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My Journey

I have worked as a Mental Health Practitioner for 20 years with children, young people and adults. Within my own journey, I have discovered The Self in layers, beginning from the outside and shifting to who is within. Change can be extremely challenging but since change is the only constant in our lives, why do we resist it?

I cannot take away the struggles you may face in your life but I can support you unequivocally to explore your needs.

In my own journey of Realisations I have understood the significance of mental health and that it is as important as physical health. We all have a Medical Professional to turn to, so we ought to have a Mental Health Professional to reach out to as well.

Reach out! You are the only one who can do this for yourself.

Keep Evolving,

Jaimini Ravalia BSc, PDipEd, PDipCouncPsych, MNCS (Accred), MNCS CYPT (Reg)

About Jaimini : About Me
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