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It's All About You

If you are feeling uncertain about whether counselling is for you, this is completely normal and okay. Sometimes we feel alone with our problems so I felt it was vital to share my client's experiences with you. Your story is your own yet when we become stuck in our worries and need to talk, perhaps who that someone is part of the worry. Perhaps you don't want to burden your family or friends or maybe you have tried and you still feel unresolved. 
You are not alone, my client's testimonials are evidential of this fact. I work with people from all walks of life.

Testimonials: Testimonials

The time I spent working with Jai has completely transformed my life. Not only have I gained confidence in myself and my ability to look out for myself, but I have also won back my self-respect. The tools and guidance given to me by Jai have continued to help me in my daily life, allowing me to present a new version of myself that is able to more easily tackle the challenges that would have previously stopped me. I am beyond grateful for just having someone that so readily listened to my thoughts, allowing me to reflect and learn. Despite discussing uncomfortable topics, I always felt comfortable and know that our sessions were a safe space. Thank you so much for helping me to navigate a difficult time and enjoy my life again.

Anxiety & Perfectionism 

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